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30 Dec

Worried about Social Media – in the 1930’s they did too

It is interesting how things change yet still stay the same.  Is Social Media new, if not are the problems for business new?

Two great articles look at both questions, both well worth reading:

  1. The first proposes that Social Media has been around for over a hundred years.  An excellent article written by journalist Ron Callari is  “100 years of Social Media“.
  2. The second article is also definitely worth reading, if you are worried about Social Media creating problems in your business. With out ruining the great article written by Ken Burbary for you, I will simply insert the link here.

The Hire and Rental industry whether a party, event, baby, equipment, audio visual rental or hire company are ideally placed to take advantage of Social Media marketing.

If you are a Rental or Hire Business and not sure where to start?

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